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9 April 2020

Pinecone Research - Earn up to 3 euros per survey (sponsor)

Pinecone Research is a provider of product surveys where you receive up to 3 euros per completed questionnaire. With the surveys carried out online you can not only earn money, but also influence the [...]
18 May 2018

Waterproof keyboard AUKEY KM-G9 (QWERTZ) in the test

The keyboard I'm typing this review on is the AUKEY KM-G9. The 88-key keyboard has Outemu Blue Keys and multimedia functions. In the test, I did not only have these features, but also other features of the [...]
7 November 2017

Hauppauge WinTV solo HD: USB stick as DVB-T2 receiver in the test

If you run a Windows version on your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook or use a Windows PC or laptop, then the Hauppauge WinTV solo HD might interest you. This is a DVB-T2 / T / C [...]
12 August 2016
Sports headphones in the test

Sports headphones put to the test: Stiftung Warentest shows the best headphones for training

The demands on sports headphones are very different from those that you would use in the subway, while gaming or on the plane. Because sports headphones must also be used for constant movement, jogging, [...]