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4. May 2021

Using the iPhone Less: Tips That Really Help

Do you spend too much time on your cell phone and actually want to spend it on more important things? Would you rather have time away from your smartphone display instead of Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook to read a book again [...]
12th April 2021

Dropover - Mac app thinks "drag and drop" ahead

A recurring action on the Mac that is certainly part of the workflow of many of you is drag and drop. Select files and folders with the mouse and move to another folder, an app or [...]
7. December 2020

Flow App - Pomodoro technology for efficient work on the Mac

With the Mac App Flow, which is available as a free download in the basic version, the Pomodoro technology can be quickly and easily integrated into the workflow on the Mac. What is hidden behind the term, what the tool [...]
21 JULY 2020

Swish - Mac window manager for trackpad users

If the Apple operating system macOS lacks one thing on the Mac, it is comfortable window management. With Swish you get an app on your Mac, iMac or MacBook, with which you can [...]
1. February 2019

Hocus Focus - Mac App hides inactive programs

Hocus Focus is an app for macOS that hides programs or their windows on the desk immediately or after a set time. Profiles for various work and leisure uses of the Apple Mac can be defined, [...]
4. May 2018

PopClip for macOS: Tool for more productivity in word processing

Do you work a lot with text on your Mac and want to increase your productivity or your workflow when inserting website links or e-mail addresses, when formatting words, sentences and paragraphs and other tasks? Then I have [...]
22. February 2018

The best keyboard shortcuts for Mac

Using keyboard shortcuts on the Apple Mac helps you keep your fingers off the mouse and trackpad both in the macOS system and in individual apps. By using shortcuts, the [...]
17. January 2018

Agenda Mac app: software between freeware and subscription model

Agenda is the name of the new Mac app from the developers at Momenta BV. The software is intended to meaningfully combine appointments, notes and records or minutes. The mixture of word processing, calendar and iCloud synchronization you can currently [...]
5. January 2018

Magnet for macOS: Arrange on the Mac window as in Windows

If you switch from a Windows PC to an Apple Mac, you will surely find many advantages in the switch, but also a few hurdles. Because the workflow and thus productivity cannot be transferred 1: 1, at least [...]