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4. November 2019
Pool party puzzle game

In the test: Pool Party - a first-person-real-world puzzle game

A few days ago I received - completely surprising - a package with a game and a little greeting from a reader: "Thanks for the great blog! By: Angela". This is the first gift someone [...]
19. August 2017
Here you can see my grandiose departure, which unfortunately I could not avoid because my "clever" computer opponent had built me ​​in. Thanks again for that! :-P

App of the week: Tsuro - a quiet puzzle for 1 to 8 people

As every week, Apple is also releasing an iPad or iPhone app for free download this week for a limited time. This time around, it's definitely a game to watch again. "Tsuro - [...]
22. February 2013
7x7 Rubik's Cube

7 × 7 Rubik's Cube: A tough egg - even for speed cube experts

Solving puzzles is always a nice activity when the computer is busy with video rendering or other important things. Now there are people who like to play on their iPhone and others who like [...]