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25 March 2021
Create QR codes with URL for website

Create QR codes with website URLs for free - online or with the app

Today - after a long time - I once again needed to create a QR code that contains a website address and should be printed on a flyer. My first port of call was Google search because I thought [...]
1 September 2020
Scan the QR code on the Mac

QR code scanner for the Mac - free of charge as software or as a handheld scanner

Today my reader Roland from Switzerland wrote me the following lines and asked for help with the selection of a QR code scanner for the Mac: Good evening Jens, In Switzerland, the e-banking business [...]
26 November 2012
QR encoder: Create a QR code

Create QR Codes with the Mac

QR codes are slowly making the leap out into the "real" world. Meanwhile, some people already know what these strange boxes mean and a few even know that you can use them with special apps for the [...]