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2 JULY 2020

Ransomware: ransomware spreads via pirated software on Macs

New Mac ransomware, i.e. software for blackmailing users, is currently spreading via pirated apps that are offered on Russian platforms, among others. Malwarebytes (here) and Patrick Wardle report this on the Objective-See website [...]
16. August 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 33 2019

Oh what, Friday again? Well then you will get the next Sir Apfelot newsreel with this blog entry. This time it's about the Apple and tech news that I received in calendar week 33 of the year [...]
5. August 2019

GermanWiper - Windows ransomware attacking businesses

There is a current danger behind the name GermanWiper, which affects companies in Germany in particular. "GermanWiper" is a particularly perfidious ransomware; malware that actually encrypts the data on the hard drive in order to [...]
15. January 2019

Emotet - BSI warning against malware (also for Mac computers)

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is currently providing information on the subject of "Emotet" on its citizens' website. This is malware that gets onto the computer via email. The procedure is particularly tricky: The [...]
June 16, 2017

MacRansom: Ransomware for macOS found on the Darknet

Ransomware for macOS or OS X on the Apple Mac, iMac, and MacBook is not very common, but neither is it impossible. The malware that blocks files or even the entire hard drive in order to be released [...]
June 7, 2017

Data backup: backup copy as protection against ransomware

Anyone who regularly backs up their data, i.e. who outsources their files and folders as a backup copy, is more protected from ransomware and its influences than others. Here I would like to briefly show you how the topics of data backup [...]
7. March 2016
Ransomware OSX.KeRanger.A: Transmission took action.

KeyRanger: "Ransomware" Trojan attacks OS X users

So far, Apple users have always been able to lean back and take a deep breath after reading reports about Trojans on Windows computers. Now, however, a new "ransomware" malware strikes, targeting OS X users [...]