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20. November 2019

Mac tip: Drag and drop high resolution photos from the Photos app

A reader recently drew my attention to the fact that his Mac compressed images that were dragged onto his desk from the Photos app. I myself noticed pictures that were outputted too small when I [...]
9. March 2018

Halide: Professional camera app with RAW and depth effect for the iPhone

I have already briefly presented the iPhone camera app Halide from the developers at Chroma Noir LLC here in the blog in an overview of iOS helpers for RAW photos on the Apple smartphone. The professional software for [...]
20. December 2017
The large dial on the controller is for rotating and cropping the photo. If you press the "Fn" key at the same time, you have a particularly fine adjustment.

My experience with Loupedeck - the video mixer for Lightroom

A few months ago I received the Loupedeck from the manufacturer for a test report. But what is this Loupedeck actually? Some time ago I already had an advance notice about this Lightroom video mixer on the blog [...]
6. December 2017
Shoot a DNG Raw photo with your Apple iPhone

Take RAW photos with an iPhone camera: here's how!

If you use the iPhone camera as a professional tool and want to take RAW photos instead of JPEG images, you can do so with just a few steps and one or the other additional app. How do you take a photo in raw data format and what advantages this [...]