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20th of June 2021

Test Readly for 1 month free of charge: Over 5.000 magazines and offline mode (sponsor)

I've been using Readly for around 4 years and I'm still excited about the offer. In addition to over 5.000 magazines from all over the world, there are now also various newspapers and daily newspapers. The monthly price [...]
11. October 2020

Readly - In my opinion over 3 years + exclusive reader offer (sponsor)

I reported about the Readly digital magazine library for the first time a year and a half ago, after almost two years of use. Since then, I have continued to use the service to conveniently access trade magazines on the [...]
4th April 2019
Long-term test of Readly's magazine flat rate

My experience with the magazine flat rate

I've booked the Readly service for almost two years and the whole time I've been planning to write a little post about my experience with it. Somehow it always didn't "fit", but after Apple recently released its [...]