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10. November 2020
My experience with Maconline

Buy used MacBook Pro - my experiences with

After I bought a used iPhone XR for my daughter a few weeks ago, I wrote a review on Flip4Shop about it. It was so well received by you that I can go straight to the top. Today with […]
16. August 2020
My experience: Bought a used iPhone Xr at Flip4Shop

iPhone Xr bought used at Flip4Shop - my experiences

So far, my daughter has wandered the world without a smartphone. With the start of the 5th grade, however, she is so far advanced in our view that she needs a cell phone to communicate with classmates. [...]
28. August 2018

MacBook in rose gold - you can buy it used here

The Apple MacBook in rose gold is a popular model among mobile computers from Cupertino. With its 12 “display and a weight of only 0,9 kg, it is ideal for traveling. It is currently available in the official Apple Shop [...]
9. August 2018

Apple iPhone SE cheaper: Cyberport Cyberdeals until 15.08.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX (short message)

At Cyberport Cyberdeals there are always cheap electronic items, household appliances, computer components, laptops and smartphones. As an authorized Apple dealer, Cyberport also offers Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad or the [...]
12. March 2018

Mac sales fraud despite PayPal and seller protection

As I recently read on Macwelt, there was probably a case of particularly brazen fraud among their readership: A woman sold her Apple MacBook for almost 1.000 euros via eBay classifieds and also found a [...]
22. November 2016
Buy used rebuy apple smartphone iphone online - Buy and sell for iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod and MacBook

reBuy as a way to buy and sell used Apple devices: Most of you will probably already know a lot of sites where you can sell your used things or buy something cheap online [...]