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2. November 2020

AirPods Pro recall - exchange in the event of crackling and problems with the ANC

With the neutrally named "Service program for AirPods Pro in case of sound problems", Apple has started an exchange program for its ANC earplugs. Affected devices are said to have been manufactured before October 2020 and show crackling or static sounds as symptoms [...]
10. November 2016
karma callback gopro german information

Recall of the GoPro Karma: Copter should no longer be used, but should be returned

Handy, user-friendly, high quality and now recalled - that is the GoPro Karma drone. The recall of the GoPro Karma drone came as a relative surprise and after the brilliant start of the model and just before Christmas when [...]
21. March 2013

Recall: Nikon is recalling the batteries of the D7000, D800, D800E and 1 V1

There are already some reports from owners of the Nikon D800 that report strange behavior of the camera. Among other things, the camera freezes and no longer reacts. The emergency solution for those affected usually looked like this [...]