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13. March 2018

Mac tip: Copy app icons in high resolution

For me as a blogger it is often necessary that I get the icon of an app on the Mac so that I can use it to design graphics for my posts. The problem is when you use the app in the [...]
17. March 2014
Imprint DVD aspect ratio

DVD resolution - how many pixels does a DVD have?

Question: What is the resolution of DVDs? Are there any differences between a normal DVD and a 16: 9 DVD? Answer: The standard resolution of a DVD is set to 720 x 576 pixels (WxH). The fact that some [...]
6. November 2013
Facebook resolution cover picture and profile picture

Size and resolution of the Facebook cover picture, profile picture and other graphics

Creating a [Fanpage on Facebook-> Facebook Fanpage] is not that difficult. But then assembling the right graphics for the cover picture and the profile picture, which also look good, is a bit more difficult. [...]
23. January 2013

Retina display

The term "retina display" is a marketing term used by Apple to describe their displays that can display a particularly high number of pixels per inch. In the first [Apple Keynote-> keynote], in which the [...]