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21 January 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 3, 2022

It's time for another Sir Apfelot newsreel, in which I'll show you which Apple and tech news I've particularly noticed over the course of the week. This time it is about calendar week 3 […]
15 October 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 41, 2021

The weekend before the next Apple revelations is just around the corner. Because next week there is already the next special event, streamed live from Cupertino. But before that happens, you will get the [...]
5 October 2021

Unsmartifier - Safari plugin removes app banners on iPhone

On the Apple iPhone, websites have the option of displaying banners in the Safari browser that refer to their own iOS app. These banners are set at the top of the website and thus limit the section of the page that you can [...]
9 March 2021

Mac Instructions: Disable Tab Preview in Safari

If you have several tabs open in a current version of the Apple web browser Safari on the Mac, the respective website is displayed as a small preview when you hover over a tab with the mouse cursor. Maybe that annoys you or [...]
2 October 2020
Security update 005 for macOS Mojave solves problems

New update for macOS Mojave fixes problems with Safari and poor performance

Last week, Apple not only released the macOS 10.15.7 update for Catalina, but also released an update for Mojave, which was named Security Update 2020-005 for macOS Mojave. After the update is released, [...]
13 April 2020

Search on webpage - Highlight words in Safari on iPhone

If you want to do a full text search on a website to find a word or phrase, you only need the shortcut cmd + F on the Mac. On the iPhone or iPad you can also use the key combination [...]
7 March 2020
Find Safari bookmarks file on Mac

[Reader's question] Where can I find the file for the Safari bookmarks on the Mac?

Today I got a question from my reader Hartmut, aimed at finding the file in which Safari manages and saves the bookmarks data: Where can I find my iMac from 2017 and OS [...]
17 November 2019
Automatically close iOS Safari tabs

Safari on the iPhone and iPad: automatically close open tabs after a certain period of time

I'm always happy when my son shoots down all the "open apps" on my iPhone and then tells me that my iPhone has more space again. Somehow that will probably also be true, but [...]
7 November 2019

Safari Reader view: Hide videos and advertising frames on websites

You know it: You quickly look for information, the latest news, a recipe, instructions or a test report - and you find ... advertising. Some pages seem to be so dependent on advertisements that to the left and right of [...]
27 August 2019
Folx Download Manager for Mac

Folx: The free download manager for the Mac

I usually don't have any need for download managers on my Mac. Whenever I download software, the download is usually done quickly. The number of my downloads is also not so high, [...]