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16. May 2013
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Samsung Galaxy S3 manual as PDF download

The Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 has established itself in the world of smartphones as the "egg-laying woolly milk pig". The successor - the Samsung Galaxy S4 - is in the door and will be the predecessor in many ways [...]
April 3, 2013
Additional battery for the Galaxy SII

Inexpensive replacement battery for the Samsung Galaxy S2

One can argue whether one would prefer to use the original manufacturer's battery or a replica. Ultimately, however, you always pay a certain surcharge for the name at the manufacturer. And if the cheap battery has the same [...]
6. February 2013
ZNEX Power Pack additional battery

Lipo additional battery for the iPhone 5 / 4s: ZNEX Power Pack

We just found us on the blog: The ZNEX battery pack with lipo technology. But what exactly are "lipos"? The [lithium polymer batteries-> lipo-battery] are particularly known for their use in the field of model making. They have an extremely high energy density and are [...]