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1 JULY 2020
Test of the external Orico NVMe SSD with USB C connection

In the test: Orico Portable M.2 NVMe SSD with 1 TB

The manufacturer Orico recently launched a new external storage medium whose core is an SSD, which is addressed via the NVMe protocol and thus particularly high speeds of up to 940 megabytes [...]
15. January 2020

[solved] This SD card fits into the GoPro MAX 360 ° camera

Since a GoPro camera is described here in the blog from time to time, corresponding questions come in from readers. In line with my hobby SD cards, the question was asked which microSD memory card should be used in the GoPro MAX 360 ° camera [...]
20. August 2019
Win the ADATA SSD SD600Q with 480 GB - used, but hand-checked by Doc. Sir Apfelot. ;-)

ADATA SD600Q Durable: external SSD with 480 GB in the test

The selection of SSDs that can be plugged into the Mac as an external drive has increased massively in recent years. Another positive development is the price per gigabyte, which is falling steadily. In order to […]
24. May 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 21 2019

Sunday is election day, in some regions not only for the European elections, but also for mayor or other elections. So don't forget to go to the polling station;) Before that, however, you can freely, directly, immediately and [...]
20. May 2019

The right SD card for the DJI Osmo Action

Which is the best SD card for the DJI Osmo Action, the new sports camera from the drone professional from China? In this little guide I not only give you the answer to this question, but also explain to you [...]
20. March 2019
The App Performance Class is irrelevant for use in photo or video cameras. However, if you want to use the microSD card in your smartphone to expand the internal memory, you should definitely buy an A2 card (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

What do the abbreviations A1 and A2 mean on SD cards?

If you look at the abbreviations that you find on an SD card or MicroSD card, you will notice that some models also contain the designations "A1" or "A2". What about [...]
17. January 2019

Buying an SD card - you should pay attention to these points!

Buying an SD card sounds like an easier task than it ends up being. Because there are different formats, a number of names and also different manufacturers or brands. So before you go to the next electronics store [...]
28. November 2018
Teyadi cheap SSD in the test

TEYADI: external cheap SSD with 128 GB in the test - is it worth buying?

I recently had another problem with my Mac that made it impossible to work and showed me how important it is to have a bootable backup somewhere. The little problem with the bootable backups [...]
21. November 2018

External 1 TB SSD - SanDisk and Transcend as "Offer of the Day"

At Amazon you get in the current Cyber ​​Monday week 2018, which includes Black Friday 2018 on Friday, numerous products to buy cheaper. In addition to computers, smartphones, chargers, lamps and the like, the [...]
3. May 2018

The right SD card for the Nintendo Switch

There are various options for expanding the memory of the Nintendo Switch using an SD card and storing game screenshots, game videos or other data on it, thereby relieving the internal storage space. Various supported [...]