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April 25, 2018
iMac SSD installation featured image

Reader's report: Installation of a 1 terabyte SSD in an Apple iMac 2013

My reader Jürgen provided me with a tinkering report from a weekend project in which he and his son equip an older iMac with a pure SSD and dissolve the Fusion Drive that was still in the [...]
20 December 2017

SanDisk Extreme 500: External SSD hard drive with 500 GB storage

The SanDisk Extreme 500 is an external SSD hard drive with 500 GB of storage and space-saving dimensions for on the go. The FP with USB 3.0 is currently the second largest model in its series in terms of storage volume. However [...]
13. August 2017
Once all the plugs have been inserted, the small USB stick can be transported safely.

In the test: SanDisk Ultra 128 GB USB stick with USB-C and USB-A connector

After being the owner of the new MacBook Pro 2017 for a short time, the switch to USB-C compatible accessories is now of course on the agenda. Since I needed a USB stick again, I researched which USB 3 sticks [...]
17. January 2017

SanDisk Ultra 256 GB microSD card with Application Performance Class Standard A1

Admittedly, the title SanDisk Ultra 256 GB microSD card with Application Performance Class Standard A1 is a monster word that should provide a little explanation. And this is exactly what you will find in this post. Here I would like to [...]
5. August 2014
SD card write protection

Instructions: How can I remove the write protection from an SD card?

Question: I was sent an SD card with a used digital camera. Now I wanted to format the card on my computer and thus delete all existing photos of my previous owner. Unfortunately, I always get the message that [...]