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12. November 2021

Attachable USB-C hub for the M1-iMac

From Satechi we have already introduced you to a USB-C hub that can be clamped to the case for the Intel iMac up to 2020. In the meantime there is also a model for the M1-iMac with a 24-inch screen from 2021. The Satechi USB-C hub [...]
16. August 2021

Satechi USB-C hub for iMac and iMac Pro with Thunderbolt 3

If you use an Apple iMac (2017 to 2020) or the Apple iMac Pro (2017), you might be missing a few connections. With the Satechi USB-C hub you can change that to save space. Not only does the junction box [...]
29 December 2020
In the test: The Satechi Quatro Wireless Powerbank

In the test: Satechi Quatro Wireless Powerbank for Mac, AirPods, iPhone and Apple Watch

The Satechi Quatro Wireless Powerbank recently reached me from Satechi. An additional battery that has four different charging technologies and is therefore particularly versatile in practice. The power bank was given to me for free for the test [...]
2. May 2020
In the test: Satechi Magnetic Charging Dock

In the test: Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for charging the Apple Watch directly on USB-C ports

There are many ways to charge the Apple Watch, but the Satechi USB-C charging dock is certainly one of the smallest. I received a copy from the company to write a test report and it [...]
27. January 2020

Pre-order the Satechi Apple Watch charger with USB-C at Cyberport

With the USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for the Apple Watch, the accessories manufacturer Satechi has launched a practical gadget for mobile charging of the smartwatch. The small charger can be connected to the MacBook, to the [...]
22 JULY 2019
One can argue about taste: I personally don't like the look with the color-separated surfaces. But there are sure to be people who find exactly this beautiful.

In the test: Satechi M1 Bluetooth mouse with USB-C charging socket

After I recently tested the Satechi Slim Wireless Keyword, I continue today with a Satechi Bluetooth mouse. There really isn't that much to test in mice, but my hand is [...]
April 11, 2019
The Satechi Slim Wireless Keyboard in the test.

In the test: The Satechi Slim Wireless Keyboard for macOS and iOS

A few days ago I received a new Bluetooth keyboard from Satechi: The Slim Wireless Keyboard - with a German QWERTY keyboard layout. As the name "Slim" suggests, it is less big than the "normal" Satechi keyboard, [...]
16. August 2017
The display is easy to read in dark rooms. But that changes quickly when you add lighting for photos, for example. See next photo (below).

In the test: The Satechi USB-C multimeter for measuring voltage and current on the USB-C port

For the "normal" USB port I already have various USB multimeters that measure the current and voltage that flows through the USB port. With the acquisition of my new MacBook Pro, however, another new acquisition was [...]
2. August 2017

KODLIX USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro 2016/2017 (compared to Satechi Hub)

A USB-C hub for the Apple MacBook Pro 2017 and 2016 from the technology brand KODLIX has been available from Amazon since the end of July 2017, which could compete with the Satechi USB-C hub. With similar connections, but [...]
19. May 2017

Thunderbolt 3 adapter: Satechi USB-C hub for MacBook Pro (late 2016)

Since the Apple MacBook Pro was introduced in 2016, USB-C has been on everyone's lips and the search for the perfect USB-C adapter with all the necessary connections is an issue in many places. If you still have a USB-C hub for [...]