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16 June 2022
MacBook Pro/Air serial number

Find MacBook serial number - even with a new case without engraving

When looking for the Apple MacBook serial number, there are four ways to track it down. The easiest is to look at the bottom of the laptop, because there is a lot of information about the device engraved on it - […]
4 May 2020

Reincubate Lookup - Evaluate and trace back the Apple serial number

Do you have an Apple device that you are not entirely sure of what specifications it has or which operating system it was sold with? Or did you need an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch [...]
13 February 2020

How to find the serial number on Apple TV

The Apple TV serial number may be required when registering the device or contacting support. But how do you find the serial number of the Apple TV? In the following I have put together various options. If the […]
7 May 2018

How old is the iPhone? Use the serial number to determine the age of a used purchase!

How old is the iPhone? - You might ask yourself this when you want to buy a used Apple smartphone or have already bought it. Especially with older generations who have been working for several years and maybe with one [...]
12 March 2013

Get the Apple Model with the help of the serial number

Every now and then you get computers from relatives to be cremated. I always like to see what kind of model of the Apple product line the respective Mac actually is. To get the model number, [...]