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20. January 2021

Affinity apps 90 days free + 50% discount

The developers of Serif have renewed a test and discount campaign due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to this you can test Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher for 90 days free of charge. In addition, the prices of all [...]
25. March 2020

Serif and the community: Affinity programs + assignments for freelancers

The current need to avoid social contacts (in physical form) brings problems in many areas of the economy. The corona crisis also and above all affects the culture, art and other creative industries. From the concert to the [...]
28. February 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 9, 2020

Two months are almost over and it's Friday again. That means that you will get a Sir Apfelot newsreel again today. There you will find the Apple and tech news that I received in [...]
8. November 2019
KW45 / 2019 newsreel by Sir Apfelot

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 45, 2019

Actually today I should be on the road with my Onewheel Pint, which I was able to ride for the first time yesterday during a rain break, but the weather is once again not friendly to the drivers by itself
21th of June 2019

DTP for everyone: Serif introduces Affinity Publisher

Are you looking for a DTP software with which you can design magazines, books, posters, stationery, brochures and more, but which does not involve a subscription model? Then Affinity Publisher from Serif could be something for you. As well as […]
26 JULY 2018

Deal extension: Affinity Designer until July 31.07st. cheaper (short message)

For the launch of Affinity Designer for the Apple iPad, the developer Serif set an introductory price of € 14,99. Since yesterday, July 25th, the standard price should actually apply; however, this was done again until [...]
April 23, 2018

Have a look and try it for you: Affinity Photo Workbook

Here in the blog it was often about Affinity Photo by Serif. This is the app for image and photo editing, which with its scope and functionality on the Apple Mac, the iPad [...]
1 December 2017
Buy Affinity Photo manual, learn professional photo editing, download the app

Affinity Photo Workbook: Official Serif Handbook

With Affinity Photo for Apple Mac and Windows PC, the British developer Serif has brought serious competition for Adobe Photoshop and similar software for photo and image processing onto the market. Now there are [...]
6th of June 2017

Affinity Photo iPad App: Image editing under iOS 10.3+ / iOS 11

Serif from Great Britain has been causing a sensation since 2015 with Affinity Photo, a very good Photoshop alternative - first on the Mac with macOS, then in 2016 on Windows on PC and now as an iPad app for iOS. [...]
23. January 2017
Serif Affinity Photo Designer Cheat Sheets January 2017 January 23 17 Download Mac Windows Keyboard MacBook

New Affinity Keyboard Cheat Sheets for photo and designer to print and stick on

As Serif has just announced, there are now new keyboard cheat sheets for the programs Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer v1.5. You can simply print them out and click the appropriate buttons [...]