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13 JULY 2021

Setapp "Yac Remote Work Pack": App collection especially for the home office

Setapp and Yac are releasing their first collection of apps today, which are specifically aimed at users in the home office. It contains 15 programs for the workflow in home work: five apps from Yac and ten apps from [...]
11th of June 2021
Paste.App Clipboard Manager

Paste app clipboard manager and pick of the week week 23

I think it would be high time Apple bought up the Paste app and built the function into macOS. Anyone who has ever worked with a clipboard manager like Paste will not use it in the future [...]
26. May 2021

Mac Apps Report 2021: Software and what users want from it

The developer company MacPaw, from which among other things the software subscription offer SetApp originates, carried out a survey to find out what Mac users think about apps in general. How many do you have installed and how many do you use them every day? [...]
20. August 2020

PliimPRO: Mac tool to hide desktop symbols, notifications, etc.

With the PliimPRO app, the developer Zeh Fernandes is targeting those Apple Mac users who often share their screen - for example during a video conference. With the software, you can easily [...]
13. August 2020

Setapp for iPhone and iPad - iOS app flat rate like on a Mac

If you stop by here often, you already know the Mac app flat rate "Setapp". Now the affordable full version offer is also available for iPhone and iPad. With this you can buy the full versions of different [...]
19. May 2020
Convert YouTube to MP3

Free Youtube to MP3 Converter - loads of spam and malware on the go

A reader asked me a few days ago how she could get a song from a YouTube video on iTunes. Of course, the path has to go through an audio file, because you want the music [...]
April 30, 2020

CleanMyMac X Now On The App Store - Buy Or Not?

Twelve years after the first CleanMyMac version and 17 years after the introduction of the Apple iTunes Store, both can be found together in the current version. The CleanMyMac X software is used to clean up Macs and has been part of the [...]
5. March 2020
Mockup tools Placeit and Mockuuups Studio in comparison

Mockup tools compared: vs. Mockuuuups Studio

So far I have always used the software "Mockuuups Studio" (included in Setapp), which already has some mockup templates for iPhones, iPads and Macs (as well as Samsung, Google, Microsoft and HTC devices). Unfortunately, the selection [...]
29. November 2019
Disk Drill Pro via SetApp for 10 EUR

Trick: Data recovery with Disk Drill Pro on the Mac for 10 euros instead of 100 euros

A few days ago my reader Bernd wrote me a message. Obviously something broke when writing to a USB memory stick and the USB stick was unfortunately no longer readable by the Mac. After some research, [...]
9. March 2019
TextSoap - automatic text cleaner

TextSoap: Mac app for convenient text cleaning

Today I stumbled across an exciting tool at SetApp that could have helped me more often if I had only known it: TextSoap from unmarked Software. To put it simply, TextSoap is a text editor [...]