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22 February 2022

Touch ID – Add, delete and set up new fingerprints

Touch ID is the name given by Apple for securing the devices offered using a fingerprint. In addition to some iPhone models, iPad and Mac models can also be secured by fingerprint. The quick scanning of a fingertip replaces […]
8 December 2020

Tip for better iPhone photos: Activate the camera grid

Beautiful photos are not only the result of the lighting and the viewing angle. The division of the rectangle into specific areas is also important. If you split your iPhone photos better in the future and maybe you can use the "golden [...]
18 May 2020

Tip: adjust the balance of the volume on the iPhone

A reader recently asked me whether there was an option on the iPhone to change the volume balance. She previously had an HTC smartphone and there was the function to measure the inner ear and accordingly [...]
20 November 2018
Firefox Logo

Completely switch off push notifications and question windows in Firefox

I admit: When the push notifications from websites were new to the browser, I, as a blogger, was enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to inform loyal readers directly about a new post. Unfortunately, [...]
4 April 2018

Google Chrome setting: Turn off notifications

If you use Google Chrome on the Apple Mac, iMac, MacBook or iPhone or on the Windows PC or an Android smartphone, you will be asked on some websites whether they can send you notifications. Want […]
6 September 2017

3D Touch does not work: solution for iPhone 6s, 7 and Plus models

Sometimes there are some problems with newer iPhone models, such as the 3D Touch not working or the function on the display only reacting poorly. If you are looking for a solution [...]
1 March 2017
WhatsApp statistics, how many messages were sent, how much data files were sent, overview in Whatsapp, instructions, where can I see how many messages I have sent?

WhatsApp statistics: You have already sent / received so many messages and data!

If you want to call up WhatsApp statistics on your iPhone or Android smartphone to see how many messages you have already sent and received, then this is the right article for you. However, there are [...]
28 November 2012

Firefox: Show http: // in the URL line again

With the update to Firefox 7 a strange behavior crept into the URL line: For the URLs that are displayed there, the protocol has recently been used - parts like http: // or https: // - [...]