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1. January 2021

Mac keyboard shortcuts: Close all windows in a program at once

You probably know the Mac key combination to close an app window (cmd + W). And you probably end programs with a shortcut (cmd + Q). But what if you have all the windows of a program at once [...]
17 JULY 2020

Mac instructions: insert text and links into Pages unformatted

Lately I showed you the new features of the iWork apps in version 10.1; z. B. Inserting YouTube videos into Pages documents. But you don't always want to insert the video when you have a [...]
11. May 2020

ShortcutDetective - which app uses which key combination on the Mac?

If you like to use keyboard shortcuts on the Mac, but also like to use apps and tools with appropriate access, the workflow can sometimes come to a standstill. The small tool ShortcutDetective finds out which software [...]
27. December 2018

Enter the English pound symbol on Mac and PC: Here's how!

Do you want to use the English pound £ as a symbol in word processing, spreadsheets, accounting or image processing in addition to euros, D-Mark DM and US-Dollar $? Then it is sure to be tedious to use the British pound symbol [...]
27. March 2018

How do I enter the backslash on the Mac?

If you have to use the backslash in word processing, when writing code, as a stylistic device or for any other purpose, then you will look in vain for the corresponding key on Apple products. The combination of backslash and Mac keyboard allows [...]
22. February 2018

The best keyboard shortcuts for Mac

Using keyboard shortcuts on the Apple Mac helps you keep your fingers off the mouse and trackpad both in the macOS system and in individual apps. By using shortcuts, the [...]
29. August 2017

macOS tip: Take a screenshot on the Mac

If you want to take a screenshot on the Apple Mac under macOS, there are various options and, above all, useful keyboard shortcuts. So you can use macOS or OS X [...]
18. August 2017

Apple Mac volume: calibrate finer under OS X and macOS

At this point a short guide for those of you for whom the Apple Mac volume control in OS X and macOS on Mac, iMac and MacBook is too coarse. Because in addition to the 16 steps, in [...]