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23 JULY 2019

Luminar 4 with AI Sky Replacement - Wow function replaces the sky

If you want to create art with your photography instead of a true-to-life image, you might realize this by replacing the sky in a landscape photograph. What takes a long time in apps for image and photo editing such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo [...]
4th April 2019

Skylum Luminar Flex - Plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom and Photos for Mac

Skylum as a developer and the individual apps for photo editing have already been a topic here in the blog several times. As of April 4, 2019, the makers of Luminar, Aurora HDR, AirMagic and Co. [...]
8. March 2019

Skylum AirMagic - App for enhancing drone photos can be pre-ordered

The new Skylum software AirMagic can now be pre-ordered. The app for photo editing has been specially developed for drone recordings. Because the photos from the air bring their very own problems and flaws with them. Who […]
15. October 2018

AI Sky Enhancer - AI-assisted sky enhancement in Skylum Luminar 2018

Anyone who uses Skylum Luminar 2018 as an app for photo editing can look forward to using a tool controlled by artificial intelligence in the future. This photo editing software tool called AI Sky Enhancer is for [...]
5. October 2018

Skylum Aurora HDR 2019 officially available now (short message)

Aurora HDR 2019, the latest photo editing software from Skylum, was officially available yesterday. This ends the pre-order phase with discounted prices for the Aurora HDR 2019 download - the full price now applies, both for the [...]
31. August 2018
Improving image quality on autopilot: Photolemur 3 in the test

Photolemur 3: Autopilot image processing program put to the test

The software Photolemur 3 "forced" me to do something that I rarely do otherwise. I'm usually not a big fan of quick reviews and hectic article writing, but today it was necessary. The boys and [...]
18 JULY 2018

Deal and competition: Luminar 2018 from Skylum for only 49 EUR

A week ago Skylum (formerly Macphun) released an update for the photo and image processing software Luminar 2018. You can get the current version 1.3.0 with numerous improvements from tomorrow, July 19.07th, to Sunday, July 22.07nd, for [...]
16. February 2018

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 7 2018

Another working week is over (for most of them) and of course it is time for the Sir Apfelot newsreel again. In the Apple and Tech News that I received in calendar week 7 of 2018 [...]
17. November 2017
Luminar Download Windows PC, Mac OS X

Macphun / Skylum: Luminar 2018 with new features

The software developer Macphun, who will change its name to Skylum in early 2018, officially released the new version of its professional photo editing software "Luminar" yesterday: Luminar 2018. The download of the full version or the upgrade for the previous [...]