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28 June 2018

Elgato Eve Aqua - Water Computer with HomeKit Compatibility

If you are looking for an irrigation computer or an additional component for the tap that can be smartly controlled to help you water your garden, greenhouse or lawn, then the Elgato Eve Aqua could be the right choice. [...]
28 May 2018

Koogeek products for the smart home with discount (promotional message)

If you use Koogeek products in your Smart Home with HomeKit or want to use them, a current discount campaign on Amazon will help you to expand the equipment cheaply. From the light switch to the light dimmer [...]
14 March 2018

Air filter under test: Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier

There are quite a few air filters for the home, and the Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier comes from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. The device not only draws air through a filter, but can also be [...]
8 February 2018

New from Koogeek: WLAN light switches and dimmers with HomeKit connection

Koogeek, a provider of smart home accessories with HomeKit connection for use via iOS and Siri on the iPhone and iPad, has launched new light switches and dimmers for lighting in the house. These […]
12 January 2018
The Koogeek comes with nice packaging and instructions, which are actually unnecessary if you've already added a Homekit device to the Home app in your life.

[Update] My experiences: Koogeek WLAN socket with HomeKit support in the test

A few months ago, the manufacturer Koogeek gave me their WLAN socket called "Koogeek Smart Plug" for a test. Since then I have used them in various rooms to fix floor lamps, air filters [...]
5 October 2017
Inadequately protected security cameras are an Eldorado for criminals, burglars and identity theft

Insecure IP cameras: tap into surveillance cameras in the browser

There are countless IP cameras, surveillance systems that can be integrated into the WLAN, and similar technology on the market that can easily be hacked if insufficiently secured. In the 21/2017 issue, ComputerBILD has some unsafe manufacturers and models [...]
25 August 2017

WLAN surveillance camera: Nest Cam for indoors and outdoors

If you are looking for a surveillance camera with which you can monitor your house, apartment or the outside space via WLAN and app while on the go using your smartphone and tablet, then the Nest Cam models for the [...]
28 July 2017

Xiaomi Mi Robot: robot vacuum cleaner with app control

If you are interested in a vacuum cleaner robot, also called Robot Vacuum, then the Xiaomi Mi Robot might be right for you. It does well in tests and it also has [...]
25 July 2017
Apple Home Kit Socket Adapter Radio control of the power supply

HomeKit socket: Control and monitoring of power sources in the smart home

In the smart home, electrical devices and systems in particular should be able to be controlled and monitored using smartphones, tablets, voice control and the like. With a HomeKit socket, you can also connect devices that are not for the Internet of Things [...]
10 July 2017

Koogeek WLAN light bulb for the Smart Home with Apple HomeKit and Siri

Since the beginning of the month you have been getting the smart Koogeek E27 WLAN lightbulb with the designation PWM6411651403961EO on Amazon, which works via WLAN directly without a bridge with the Apple HomeKit and Siri. The control of the new [...]