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26. May 2022
There are different types of cell phone cases

These types of smarpthone cases exist

Today's cell phone cases are not only designed to protect the smartphones, but also to make them look more attractive. The designs and color schemes of the current cases are versatile and range from exciting designs to elegant simplicity. [...]
12. December 2019

Books for Christmas: How do computers, smartphones and heating work?

We live in a high-tech, digitized and, in many areas, also automated world. However, we rarely worry about how it all actually works. What is technology and why does it work? How does [...]
9. May 2018

GearBest coupons for Xiaomi phones (short message)

If you want to buy a cheap mobile phone from a top manufacturer shortly before Father's Day and Mother's Day 2018 (if you really want Android as the operating system), then you might find it at GearBest. A selection of [...]
17. January 2015
Finn instructions

Finn bike mount: can be used universally for many smartphones

The concept of the "Finn" universal mount is as simple as it is ingenious. It puts an end to the fact that you need a new holder for every new iPhone model and is otherwise not picky about the smartphone brand. The […]
13. October 2014
M2E Power USB charger

Charge the battery through movement - new technology is just around the corner

“Never again an empty battery!”, That is certainly the wish of many smartphone users. Nowadays there is hardly anyone who is not equipped with a cell phone, tablet, MP3 player or navigation device. Often one hears for the reason [...]
11. October 2013
Sir Apfelot on HTC HD 2

Test the website online for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices

Today a customer asked me if I could briefly test his website on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad or other tablets. Of course, I could have just used my devices to call up, but [...]
16. May 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Samsung Galaxy S3 manual as PDF download

The Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 has established itself in the world of smartphones as the "egg-laying woolly milk pig". The successor - the Samsung Galaxy S4 - is in the door and will be the predecessor in many ways [...]