SMC reset

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22 June 2020

Instructions: SMC reset on MacBooks with T2 processor

I have already shown you how the SMC reset works on the Apple Mac in a manual. However, the procedure is different if it is a newer model with a T2 chip. Therefore you find [...]
8 January 2019

Bluetooth Problems on Mac - 5 Measures That Can Help!

If there are problems with the Bluetooth connection on the Apple Mac, this can have various causes. While Bluetooth is an ideal solution for radio connections over short distances with low battery load, the technology is not always [...]
17 January 2014
SSD fan control

After installing the SSD: the fan in the iMac runs continuously at full speed

After upgrading their Apple iMacs with an SSD, some people have the problem that the fan turns up to full speed after a few minutes and is constantly ventilating at full speed - that is quite loud [...]