Smoke Detectors

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28 July 2020
HomeKit compatible smoke alarms

Readers question: homekit-compatible smoke detectors for the holiday home

Earlier, a question came in from my reader Lars, with whom I had already emailed weeks ago, because he needed a few tips to monitor his holiday home. He is currently concerned with the subject of smoke detectors [...]
9 May 2018

Elgato Eve Smoke: HomeKit smoke detector for the smart home

The HomeKit from Apple offers manufacturers and developers of systems for the Smart Home an interface to control devices and systems from Apple's central "Home" app. The Eve Smoke smoke detector is now available from Elgato, [...]
5 July 2017

Nest Protect 2 smoke alarms - all advantages and disadvantages at a glance

The Nest Protect 2 smoke detector is a networked smoke and carbon monoxide detector that ensures security in the smart home via WiFi and mesh network. With the Nest app, the smoke detector can also be operated on the Android [...]
5 January 2017
Netatmo smoke detector Netatmo indoor siren 2017

Netatmo: Smoke detector and indoor siren as new items for 2017

Most of the people are already familiar with the manufacturer Netatmo thanks to the WLAN weather station. The Netatmo Welcome Camera has been a smart WLAN surveillance camera for your home for some time; this is now with a [...]