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4. January 2022

What is abandonware?

Perhaps you have come across the term "abandonware", e.g. B. if you were looking for (old) software or a game. But what does that actually mean? What does abandonware mean for the (former) rights holder, for [...]
9 December 2019

License fox: buy software cheaply - also for the Mac (sponsor)

License Fox is a serious provider of software and its activation codes. The license fuchs range includes downloads and codes for Microsoft Office, Windows operating systems, server solutions, office and control programs, computer security, video, music and image editing apps as well as games. [...]
17. March 2014
Leawo Mac DVD Ripper

MAC DVD Ripper from Leawo - my test

Today I picked out software to rip DVDs on Mac. From now on I will always make a copy of the DVDs that our children get their hands on, which [...]
1. November 2013
GIMP 2.8

GIMP - Free image manipulation software

The software GIMP (abbreviation for GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free way to edit photos and graphics on your computer. In terms of functionality and features, GIMP is in no way inferior to its expensive competition [...]
6. September 2013
GIMP screenshot

Gimp manual as PDF download

GIMP is an extremely powerful yet free image manipulation program. The software, which is published under the [GNU license-> gnu license], can run on Mac OS X as well as Linux and Windows. The manual for [...]
12. March 2013
WISO tax 2013 Mac

WISO tax 2013 for the Mac - tax return 2012 very easy

The software products from WISO have long been a guarantee for simple operation and good results. Unfortunately there was nothing that would run on the Mac so far (if you leave out a [Windows Bootcamp Installation-> bootcamp]). Well [...]
27. February 2013

Data recovery on Mac under OS X

Hard drives and USB sticks can break, as can other technical parts. And sometimes it is the user's own fault if the hard drive's file system becomes corrupted. I admit that I myself have [...]
18. February 2013
Xenu Link Check screenshot

Link Checker: Check the entire website for broken links

Various tools can be expected under the term link checker. Some people may be looking for a [backlink tool-> backlink-checker] to see how many backlinks a website has, but I would like to introduce a piece of software here that all links on one [...]