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4. August 2021
The best bluetooth speakers in 2021

The best cordless portable bluetooth speakers for 2021

In the following post I would like to introduce you to the - from my point of view - best portable speakers that you can currently buy in 2021. With great sound and longer battery life, they are perfect for every music lover, [...]
6. November 2020

Use SLR and digital cameras as a webcam (Nikon, Canon, Sony and more)

Whether in the home office, video chatting with the family, on the Discord server or streaming on Twitch - you often need a good webcam. How nice that you can use the SLR or digital camera as a webcam [...]
29. May 2020

When is the PlayStation 5 coming? Price, hardware, release date

The official website of the Sony PlayStation 5 has been updated, which, according to the trade press, is a sign of an early presentation of the next-gen console. But what exactly can we expect? In the following I have briefly introduced you to
19. March 2020

PlayStation 5 - Sony reveals technical data (+ comparison to PS4)

Sony announced the technical data of the PlayStation 5 at a very technical and rather boring press conference yesterday. The event aimed primarily at developers and technology freaks, which can be seen from 17:00 p.m. in Central European [...]
20. August 2019

Netflix Recommended 2019 - TV recommendations for films and series

For some years now, Netflix has been issuing television recommendations to show which TV sets can stream films and series particularly well. If you still have the right [...]
17th of June 2019

XQD cards and card readers at a glance

XQD is a memory card standard introduced by Sony in 2011. XQD cards are said to be better than SD memory cards, especially in the professional sector, thanks to their robust construction, fast PCI data exchange and other advantages. Use in professional digital cameras and camcorders enables [...]
2th of June 2019
Watch batteries for the common models and manufacturers

Button cell SR626SW: Technical data and alternatives to this battery

The SR626SW battery is often referred to as the watch battery because it is one of its most common uses. In fact, it is - like most button cells - due to its small dimensions, its long shelf life of several years [...]
5. November 2018

The best games for the PlayStation VR from Sony - my personal top list

This is a guest article that was kindly made available to me by Holger. Holger has been responsible for all the technical things in the background of the Sir Apfelot website for many years and he helps me a lot with [...]
5. August 2014
Micro SD to MemoryStick Pro Duo adapter

32 GB PSP memory card for less than 25 EUR: plug it in yourself with a micro SD adapter

The PSP memory cards that are required for the [Playstation Portable from Sony-> sony-playstation-portable] are usually significantly more expensive than the widely used SD cards. Why Sony did not rely on micro SD cards when designing the PSP, [...]
29. May 2014
Sony Alpha 7 / 7R and the appropriate manual.

The manual for the Sony Alpha 7 / 7R

A [system camera-> system camera] is a nice option if you want to take high quality photos with a small camera. System cameras like the Sony alpha 7 do without the mirror in the optics and thus save a lot of volume [...]