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13 December 2021
Disable automatic capitalization on the Mac

Mac: turn off automatic capitalization + productivity tip

Today we're talking about a feature of macOS that has been annoying people for years and that has been switched off for over a year because I was fed up at some point. It's about the […]
11 December 2020

Googling or google - how do you spell it correctly?

Searching for something on Google or using a search engine in general - a term has been Germanized for this. But how is the verb that describes research on the Internet written? Is it googling or googling? Here [...]
21. May 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Is it called THE blog or THE blog?

A few years ago ghosts could argue about it. It was at a time when the word "blog" was not yet listed in the Duden. The result was that the blogosphere was in [...]