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29 September 2022

5 macOS tips you should have known earlier

On the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook, you can adapt the macOS operating system in various ways and use shortcuts more quickly. Here in the Sir Apfelot blog you will find numerous guides and instructions that […]
29 August 2022

[Update] iPhone search function: use spotlight functions on the smartphone

On the Apple Mac you can call up the Spotlight search bar with cmd + space bar. But how does it work on the iPhone? How do you find the iPhone search function and what functions does it fulfill? I will answer these questions for you in this [...]
16 February 2022

Apple Spotlight - Extensive search function on Mac

In the macOS operating system of the Apple Mac there are several functions that are intended to simplify use and speed up the workflow. Spotlight is one of those features. Spotlight search can be easily activated with the keyboard shortcut Command + Space […]
2 July 2021

Mac trick: Calculate and convert with Spotlight

Spotlight is Mac's internal search engine that can be used to find folders, files, apps, websites, dictionary entries, and more. But the search bar, which you can call up with cmd + space bar, offers other possibilities for use. To the […]
30 September 2020
High CPU load due to accountsd process

[solved] Process "accountsd" requires over 300% CPU and slows down the Mac

Almost everyone probably knows this: You come to your computer in the morning and want to start working, but the Mac has secretly planned completely different things. In my case, immediately after starting up [...]
5 January 2019
When Mac Search and Spotlight have a bug, the daily workflow becomes relatively sluggish.

Spotlight and Apple Mail searches can't find anything anymore - OnyX helps!

For a few weeks now I have been beating the problem that my spotlight index keeps going over the Wupper for an indefinite period of time. What sounds so unimportant, however, has a number of painful consequences in everyday life: Spotlight search only shows [...]
29 November 2018

Spotlight search can't find anything? Rebuild Spotlight Index - Using Hard Methods

I have been struggling with my Mac for a few days and it just doesn't search and find properly anymore. This manifests itself on the one hand in the Spotlight search, which I usually use to quickly search for programs [...]
10 September 2018

mdworker process slows down Mac: Rebuilding Spotlight index helps

In the operating systems of the Apple Mac, i.e. Mac OS X or macOS, processes and applications that improve file and storage management are actually constantly running in the background. The computer should keep its working power as long as possible [...]
1 May 2018
Do you want to open a website, URL or link quickly without opening the browser first? You can do this with a spotlight and dock link!

macOS Tip: Open the URL or link from anywhere

You are currently at work and it occurs to you that you want to read the latest newsreel at Sir Apfelot, watch the latest cyber deals or quickly check something else on the Internet? Then it tears you [...]
25 April 2018
MacOS Spotlight usually also indexes the programs that run in a Windows virtual machine under Parallels Desktop.

macOS: Remove Parallels Desktop VM hits from Spotlight search

I've been using Parallels Desktop for years because my accounting program only runs on Windows. But what has been getting on my nerves more and more recently: Search results from Windows or from the [...]