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29 June 2022

Hermit Spyware - Apple stops iPhone spying by revoking certificates

Italian software company RCS Lab has developed software called Hermit that can be used to spy on smartphone users. Hermit can be installed via sideloading on both iOS and Android. Who goal of […]
30 May 2022

What is stalker ware?

Here at Sir Apfelot, we sometimes explain what lies behind certain types of malware and their English names. Today you get the answer to the question: What is stalkerware? And as the name suggests […]
23 December 2021
VPN protection for privacy

Do VPNs Really Protect Privacy?

Interest in VPN providers has risen sharply in recent years. I suspect the reasons are, on the one hand, the increase in people who work on the go and, on the other hand, the use of streaming services such as [...]
24 March 2021

Monitoring cell phones with mSpy spy app - is it legal?

With the mSpy app, it is possible to monitor other people's cell phone activities on Android and iPhone. MSpy is advertised as "parental monitoring software" with which parents can monitor the smartphone or tablet use of their children. Next […]
5 May 2019

Refog Hoverwatch - cell phone spy tool for emergencies

A keylogger can be used to record what inputs are made on a device. Which texts, search queries and file names are written on the Mac or PC? What is typed on the iPhone or Android smartphone? That can be done with [...]
18 May 2017

Webcam cover and Camsticker® for iMac, MacBook, iPhone and iPad

Webcam cover, webcam stickers, webcam stickers or just counter espionage - there are many names for the stickers and sliders that can be used to disable the camera of smartphones, laptops and PCs. You don't have to [...]