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17 June 2021
Instead of hibernation, the Mac logs the user off completely

Instead of hibernation: Mac closes all programs and unsaved documents are lost

My wife always has the funniest little problems with her Mac, while my Mac usually works without a hitch. For me this is very practical, because I keep feeding [...]
7 January 2020

[Solved] Mac loses WiFi connection after waking up from sleep

If you wake your Mac, iMac, Mac mini or MacBook from sleep mode, the WiFi connection may be terminated. Log in to the network every time or switch off the WLAN [...]
3 October 2019

[Update] One Switch Mac app: Practical functions with just a few clicks

Prevent the Mac from sleeping, switch between light and dark macOS mode and many other settings on the Apple computer can be made via the system settings. But clicking through there again and again is not a permanent [...]
6 March 2019

Mac App Fermata suspends MacBook sleep when it is closed

If you close the display of an Apple MacBook (Pro / Air), the laptop automatically switches to sleep. This is useful if you don't want to use it for a long time or want to transport it from A to B. Taking […]
30 January 2019
Deactivating macOS hibernation does not always work with external hard drives. In this article I explain how to get them not to go to Spindown (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Mac: Set hibernation for internal AND external hard drives

I recently had an interesting conversation with a reader who asked if you can disable external hard drives from hibernation on Macs. My first thought was the system setting "Save energy", which is available under [...]
14 January 2019
The current version of Sound Siphon paralyzes the iMac after the last system update.

Reader's tip: iMac restarts by itself - sound siphon seems to be the cause

Today I got an email from my reader Matthias who, according to his own statements, had been struggling with an extremely "annoying" problem with the iMac for at least two weeks. "Had" because he now has it himself [...]
5 October 2017
Sleep mode does not end, iMac, MacBook Pro open, close

Black screen: Mac won't wake up - these tips will help!

The Apple Mac, the iMac or the MacBook does not wake up from sleep, the screen remains black and you can only see the mouse pointer - this problem occurs more often than you think [...]