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4 JULY 2017
I hardly ever use the Facetime camera on the iPad. Accordingly, permanent masking of the same makes perfect sense. Normally, however, I would have chosen black rather than color. ;-)

CAMSTICKER® put to the test: webcam stickers that can be removed without leaving any residue

There was recently a report on the subject of "webcam coverage" on Sir Apfelot. We presented various sticker sets from different manufacturers that can be used to attach the Facetime camera to the iPad or iPhone as well as [...]
3. May 2015
Batman MacBook Decal

Cool thing: Batman stickers for the glowing MacBooks

With the [new MacBook-> macbook-12-inch] Apple has apparently done away with the glowing Apple logo. It's a shame, because you could always play nice games with it. Among other things, such chic stickers in which parts are designed to be translucent. They work [...]