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9. August 2020

Nikon Z50 Specifications, Instructions, and Accessories

The Nikon Z 50, sometimes also written Z50, is a mirrorless APS-C system camera from the Z series of the Japanese manufacturer Nikon. In addition to this camera, which was released in October 2019, the Nikon Z 5 (2020) and [...]
14. Juli 2020

Nikon Z7 Specifications, Instructions, and Accessories

The Nikon Z7 is a compact, mirrorless system camera (DSLM) that was introduced in 2018 with the Nikon Z6. Together with the Z50 (2019) and the Z5 (2020) they belong to the cameras of the Japanese manufacturer Nikon, [...]
June 5, 2019

Nikon Z6 Specifications, Instructions, and Accessories

The Nikon Z6 is a mirrorless system camera (DSLM) designed for the best photography. The camera belonging to the Japanese manufacturer's Z series has been available for purchase since August 2018. It brings a full format sensor of 35,9 mm × 23,9 mm, a [...]
13. May 2019

Nikkor Z lenses for the Nikon Z6 and Z7 system cameras

The two system cameras Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 garner plenty of praise in tests from photographers. The image quality, which in the Nikon Z7 is underpinned not least by the high resolution of 46 megapixels, is [...]
14. Juli 2018
Canon EOS M6 SD Card Photo

Which SD card is compatible with the Canon EOS M6?

The Canon EOS M6 is an insider tip among YouTube vloggers. Even if it does not have 4K resolution for films and no slow-motion mode, it convinces with a very fast autofocus. This is due to the [...]
29. May 2014
Sony Alpha 7 / 7R and the appropriate manual.

The manual for the Sony Alpha 7 / 7R

A [system camera-> system camera] is a nice option if you want to take high quality photos with a small camera. System cameras like the Sony alpha 7 do without the mirror in the optics and thus save a lot of volume [...]
24th April 2013
Sony Alpha NEX 7 system camera

Sony NEX 7 - mirrorless system camera with 24 MP

The Sony Alpha NEX 7 is the current "flagship" of the NEX series. Successors are already expected, but so far Sony has not announced anything that could give rise to downgrading the NEX 7. The camera […]
23th April 2013
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Sony NEX 7 accessories: you should treat yourself to that

Since today I am also the proud owner of the Sony NEX alpha 7 and will use it for normal photography as well as for aerial photos with the copter. In terms of image quality and weight - what [...]
8th April 2013
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Sony NEX-7 successor - shortly before the market launch?

The Sony Alpha NEX-7 system camera has already made many friends in photography circles. The low weight and the good image results provided by the 24MP sensor offer many areas of application. Only the set lens, which was used in [...]
8th April 2013
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Sony NEX-7 manual as download

The Sony Alpha NEX-7 is an excellent mirrorless system camera that can easily compete with some DSLRs. It offers a small pack size and an astonishingly low weight. To get started with the NEX-7 [...]