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3 February 2022
Mac Finder - Expanding Folders

Mac: enable and disable expanding folders in Finder

Today a reader asked me if the pop-up folders you get on Mac when you drag and drop files over a folder disappeared in a recent macOS update. With him are […]
13 December 2021
Disable automatic capitalization on the Mac

Mac: turn off automatic capitalization + productivity tip

Today we're talking about a feature of macOS that has been annoying people for years and that has been switched off for over a year because I was fed up at some point. It's about the […]
17 June 2021
Instead of hibernation, the Mac logs the user off completely

Instead of hibernation: Mac closes all programs and unsaved documents are lost

My wife always has the funniest little problems with her Mac, while my Mac usually works without a hitch. For me this is very practical, because I keep feeding [...]
13 December 2020
Too much candy look and transparency in macOS Big Sur? So you can customize it.

macOS Big Sur: Permanently show scroll bar and remove transparencies

There are some people who find macOS Big Sur really bad when it comes to looks. I've got used to the candy colors and I can use the new icons and other changes on the [...]
7 September 2020
Mac error: System Preferences are busy ...

Mac error: System Preferences are busy ...

Today I received an email from my reader Heinz, in which he sent me a screenshot of an error message that I have never seen before. He tried to delete an admin user on his Mac and [...]
25 March 2020
What brings the Mac update to 10.15.4 - explained here

macOS Catalina 10.15.4 update is available for download

With a good 2,97 GB, the new update to macOS 10.15.4 is definitely not just a small bug fix, but a jump to a new version that also brings some new functions. What in detail [...]
27 February 2020
Switch off Spaces on the Mac - this is how it works!

Reader question: Deactivate the Spaces function under macOS

Today my reader Dominic wrote to me because he has a special problem with the "Spaces" function, which annoys him particularly under macOS Catalina. Here is his email: Hello, is it possible to use the "Spaces" function (desks) [...]
19 October 2019
What is the gatekeeper on the Mac?

What is the gatekeeper on the Mac and how do I turn it off?

Where in the past you could still install any program as a Mac user, you have to bypass the “gatekeeper” today. This is a monitoring tool from macOS, the purpose of which is not to spy on its user, but to prevent the user from doing so [...]
3 October 2019

[Update] One Switch Mac app: Practical functions with just a few clicks

Prevent the Mac from sleeping, switch between light and dark macOS mode and many other settings on the Apple computer can be made via the system settings. But clicking through there again and again is not a permanent [...]
26 August 2019
Double hyphen on macOS

Reader's question: Enter the double hyphen ⸗ on the Mac

A reader wrote to me today because he was looking for a special sign that was handwritten on his birth certificate to separate his double first name. He described it as "weird [...]