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4 May 2021

Reader's tip: Screen sharing on iPhone and iPad with Zoom and TeamViewer

A few tips recently came in from our reader Charly to help share the iPad or iPhone screen in a video conference. If you share your display with the other participants during a video call [...]
16 February 2021
Screen sharing on the Mac with on-board tools

Mac tip: Quick screen sharing with on-board tools

I've had a Mac for several decades now, and yet a customer - who has little idea about the Mac - was able to show me an extremely practical tip recently. It is about the [...]
18 June 2020
Unrecoverable Error: When the Mac no longer boots

Mac does not boot: Unrecoverable error by TeamViewerAuthPlugin: start

A reader wrote to me today that her Mac no longer boots after throwing TeamViewer off the disk. What exactly happens is the following: The Mac boots, but it won't finish because [...]
23 March 2020

Home office on the Apple Mac: Apps and tools for e-mail, to-do & time recording

Moving from work to home office can be tough. It's not just the new work environment that is probably not motivating; you can't even meet up with colleagues quickly to clarify questions. If you […]
28 February 2019

AnyDesk - Free TeamViewer alternative for Mac and PC

AnyDesk is a free alternative to TeamViewer for private users. The app acts just like the most famous software for remote access to Mac, PC and other computers. If it is installed on both systems, [...]
5 September 2017

TeamViewer for iOS and macOS: Mirror iPhone to Mac for remote support

With iOS 11, it will be possible on the iPhone and iPad not only to transmit the screen with Apple's own solutions, but also with third-party services - such as the QuickSupport app from TeamViewer. [...]
30 November 2016
In the login window you can see your own ID and password on the left (made unrecognizable here) and on the right you can enter the data of a remote Mac in order to connect to it.

TeamViewer download for the Mac: free remote maintenance under macOS

For many years I've been in my circle of friends, so to speak, the private Apple support hotline if someone has problems with the Mac. Because of the good operating system and the good hardware on Apple computers, this happens quite seldom, [...]