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1. October 2020

Yes! mobile: Which network do the REWE mobile phone tariffs use?

The grocer Rewe and the REWE Group are bidding with yes! mobil offers its own mobile communications solutions for smartphones. But which network do the mobile phone tariffs use? Here you get the answer to this question as well as further information about the offer, [...]
10. March 2020

Use Telekom Speedbox LTE IV on the go (test 2)

The Telekom Speedbox LTE IV makes it possible to use the Internet while on the move with access to a socket via the 4G cellular network. For setting up a WLAN network on vacation, while traveling or if the wired network fails [...]
2. March 2020

Telekom Speedbox LTE IV - Setting up the cellular router (test 1)

In the following weeks I will make you happy with a series of tests on the Telekom Speedbox LTE IV. This first part will deal with setting up the cellular router. So if you want to know how to make the [...]
2. January 2020

Overview: which mobile network provider uses which network?

In Germany we can choose from tens of cell phone providers with a wide variety of tariffs, conditions and offers. You can choose from prepaid tariffs, mobile phone tariffs that can be canceled on a monthly basis, two-year tariffs with smartphones and more. But there are only three cellular networks, [...]
22. November 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 47, 2019

Only one month left and all Christmas shopping should be done. If everything is planned for you in this regard, you can also sit back and read the current Sir Apfelot newsreel first. Hereinafter […]
23. August 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 34 2019

Today, Friday, another Sir Apfelot newsreel comes to you over the air. There you will find the Apple and tech news that caught my eye in calendar week 34 of 2019 [...]
3. January 2019
Speedport refuses Apple Mail to send emails via

Apple Mail does not send mail: Connection to the outgoing mail server failed

Somehow the problems readers have with Apple Mail are increasing. In this case, Telekom's Speedport W 724V refused to send it via Apple's own iCloud server. The error message that the reader from Apple [...]
April 12, 2018
Done. Call waiting is switched off!

Instructions: Turn off annoying call waiting when making calls via the Telekom connection

I've known the "call waiting" feature for a while now. However, my (certainly less common!) Analog connection here in the country has a special form of knocking. Normally it only does [...] in the background when making calls.
8. March 2018

Forgot PIN and PUK: Unlock SIM card on iPhone, iPad & Android smartphone

If you have forgotten your PIN, entered it incorrectly several times or if you need your PUK that cannot be found to unlock the SIM card, it can be frustrating. But even if you can no longer find the sequence of numbers, [...]
18. January 2018

Update to bot 6: Telekom security team with contradicting statements

In the past few weeks, Deutsche Telekom has warned of malicious software / malware with the name “bot 6” by e-mail and post. In yesterday's report on the subject, I already summarized some details. Briefly [...]