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17. January 2018

Telekom warning: bot 6 is not spam, but should be taken seriously

The security warning from Telekom, which refers to bot 6 and warns customers of malware that creeps in as a Trojan and is supposed to send spam e-mails, is not spam. If you read the safety notice by [...]
18. September 2017
Apple smartphone with MagentaMobil tariff and HotSpot Flat

Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus with Telekom contract from 1 € additional payment

Last week Apple presented the two smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in its annual September keynote. The prices given by Apple for the two iPhones are between € 799 and € 1.079 without a mobile phone contract. If […]
29 December 2016

Instructions: How to book SpeedOn for the Telekom LTE contract "Call & Surf Comfort via radio"

I have been living in the country for a few months now and am dependent on the Telekom LTE solution "Call & Surf Comfort via radio". No question about it - the network is really super-fast and I'm happy [...]
29. September 2016
Operate the second iPhone with the Telekom MultiSIM card.

Activate the second iPhone for sending SMS with the Telekom MultiSIM card

Whenever you get your new iPhone, you always think about what to do with the old one. I have currently ordered a multi-SIM card from Telekom for my second iPhone so that I can continue to use it as a [...]
12. November 2014
Speedport W921V instructions

Telekom Speedport manuals: Download here as a PDF download for free

At Telekom there is no [router compulsory> router compulsory], but you can rent a router from Telekom or [buy-> buy speedport] if you don't have a [Fritz! Box-> fritz-box] yet ( which is certainly the best free alternative if you [...]
9 December 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

Instructions: Turn off the T-Net Box - this is how you deactivate the Telekom AB

Question: How can I switch off my T-Net Box? All my callers are connected to the T-Net Box when my phone is busy. But I don't want it that way anymore. How can I get this AB [...]