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22 December 2021
Repair access rights on the Mac under macOS Big Sur and Monterey

Mac: Repairing access rights under macOS Big Sur and Monterey

Mac: Repairing access rights under macOS Big Sur and Monterey The new operating systems from Apple and the new Apple Silicon Macs have a few special features in store. Among other things, the procedure for repairing [...]
April 5, 2021

Mac instructions: Remove duplicate entries in the "Open with" menu

After the topic came up in the Sir Apfelot forum, we want to show you here in the blog how you can remove duplicate entries from the "Open with" menu under macOS. Unfortunately, that doesn't work right away by [...]
30. September 2020
High CPU load due to accountsd process

[solved] Process "accountsd" requires over 300% CPU and slows down the Mac

Almost everyone probably knows this: You come to your computer in the morning and want to start working, but the Mac has secretly planned completely different things. In my case, immediately after starting up [...]
8. September 2020
Remove non-Latin fonts from Mac

Mac: Removing non-Latin fonts by script or by hand

My problem today: A friend has the usual macOS fonts installed on his MacBook Pro. Including, of course, many Asian, Cyrillic and other fonts that are usually hardly needed. With me […]
4. May 2020

Mac error: XYZ.app is damaged and cannot be opened

From macOS 10.12 Sierra, Apple computers have what is known as the gatekeeper. This is supposed to protect the Mac, but can also lead to the error "XYZ.app is damaged and cannot be opened ...". What you can do so that [...]
21. October 2019

Load old macOS installer files with the terminal

At least under macOS 10.15 Catalina it is now possible to download complete installer files from old macOS versions via the terminal. In the following I will show you the command line required for this as well as a list with the individual versions of the old [...]
13. September 2019
Error message when installing OS X El Capitan.

Fix errors "can't be verified" and "error occurred while preparing the installation" on OS X.

My reader Peter wrote to me a few days ago that he received a strange error message when installing OS X El Capitan and then only could press "OK", which aborts the installation. The exact [...]
17 JULY 2019

Mac Instructions: Remove Extended File Attributes in Finder and Terminal

Extended file attributes such as a quarantine status assigned by macOS or meta data can be a problem on the Mac. I only stumbled upon this recently in my MacUpdater test. When using the software, the [...]
April 16, 2019
HostBuddy Icon

HostBuddy and HostsMan: Change hosts file on Mac and Windows PC

You are using the hosts file all the time, but most likely you will not even know about it. The reason for this is that you usually don't have to change anything. In my case […]