Tests and reviews by Sir Apfelot

I like to try out power banks, unicycles, photo cameras, drones, headphones, speakers and other gadgets and then report on my blog. Here you can find a collection of all of my reviews.

In addition to my personal reports, I also occasionally write about the test results from Stiftung Warentest or other renowned publications. There, too, there are always exciting reports, test results and ultimately test winners that I would not have expected. One more reason to introduce them to my readers.

1 July 2022
USB-C charging cable with LED indicator

USB-C charging cable with power display - my pick of the KW14

I always notice little gadgets that I think are great. One of the last ones I got is a special charging cable with USB-C connectors on both sides and a small digital power meter on […]
12 June 2022
In the test: Satechi Dock5

In the test: Satechi Dock5 – USB charging station for multiple devices

In a household like ours, a number of Apple devices are used, from MacBooks to iPhones and iPads to AirPods. Even if you work with a multiport charger here, you quickly have a decent […]
27 May 2022
OneOdio Monitor 60 review

OneOdio Monitor 60 review: wired studio headphones put to the test

Balanced mid-tones, crystal-clear highs and a deep, intense Hi-Res sound profile are characteristics that OneOdio uses to advertise its "OneOdio Monitor 60" over-ear headphones. I would like to clarify how much truth there is in these promises in the test report. The […]
1 April 2022
Redroad V17 in the test report

Redroad V17 cordless hand vacuum cleaner in the test

A few weeks ago I received the Redroad V17 from the manufacturer for testing. In principle, this device is a battery-powered hand vacuum cleaner that can be used if you need to […]
11 January 2022
ILife Easine W100 cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the test

Easine W100 - cordless cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the test

The Easine W100 is in a device category that I didn't know before. It's basically a vacuum cleaner with the dust container and motor on the handle. However, he works perfectly […]
18 November 2021
In the test: Aufero Laser 1 laser engraving machine

Ortur Aufero Laser 1 - laser engraving machine for 200 euros

Years ago I dealt with the topic of laser cutters and laser engravers for home use, but the devices were simply too expensive back then. For this reason I didn't have to go on with it [...]
29 September 2021
Yeedi Vac Max vacuum cleaner test

Yeedi Vac Max vacuum cleaner robot with 3000 Pa against animal hair in the test

We recently had a couple of Yeedi devices in offers, such as the Yeedi Mop Station, the Yeedi k65 and the k700 here. Yeedi has now given me the Yeedi Vac Max for a [...]
26 September 2021
In the test: Ringke Fusion iPhone 13 Pro Max MagSafe case

Ringke Fusion Magnetic in the test: transparent MagSafe case for the iPhone 13 Pro Max

As a rule, I always order a matching case with the new iPhone as soon as possible, because I drop the device somewhere every few days. Or it slips out of the pocket in which it [...]
13 September 2021
In the test - the Imou Bullet 2E IP surveillance camera

Imou Bullet 2E in the test: a smart WLAN surveillance camera for outdoor use

Imou offers different models of security cameras. The current Imou Bullet 2E is an inexpensive successor to the Imou New Bullet. Imou made the Bullet 2E available to me for a test, but this affects [...]
6 July 2021
In the test: Soundcore Life P3 vs. AirPods Pro

In the test: Soundcore Life P3 - wireless in-ear headphones with ANC

The headphone models that the Anker brand Soundcore sent me for testing have never been a letdown in terms of operation and sound quality. So it is not surprising that the brand new Soundcore Life P3 [...]