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25 August 2021

Time Machine snapshots - that's what snapshots on the Mac can do!

Snapshots, or even snapshots, which are made by the "Time Machine" backup mechanism on the Apple Mac, offer the best conditions for restoring old data. In order for them to work, the APFS (Apple File System) file system is required, which [...]
29 February 2020
Mac: Annotation directly in the Quick Look preview

Mac Tip: Annotate screenshots right in Quick Look

The so-called annotation of screenshots - adding text, arrows or red boxes to screenshots - is part of my everyday life. Either when I write a post in which I use the screenshots [...]
11 February 2020
A Seagate 4 TB HDD is my Time Machine Volume

The right hard drive for the Time Machine backup - my recommendations

Apple's in-house backup solution called "Time Machine" is a recommended macOS feature that you should definitely use. The backups are created in the background - mostly when the Mac is idle anyway - [...]
7 February 2019

TimeMachineEditor - Schedule Time Machine backups

The free, small software TimeMachineEditor ensures that you have quick and easy access to advanced settings of the Time Machine backup. For example, intervals, fixed times for every day or backup events at fixed [...]
28 February 2018

Mac Tip: Make the Library folder visible in Time Machine

Yesterday, a reader question came in about making the macOS Library folder visible in Time Machine. Because Apple hides this directory both in the Finder and in the backup. However, who [...]
23 August 2017
After updating to Parallels Desktop 13, my Windows 7 cannot find any printer and every print fails with an error message.

Be careful when updating to Parallels Desktop 13 - problems with all printers under Windows 7

Today I updated my Mac to Parallels Desktop 13, which was only released a few days ago. Unfortunately, I was a bit premature because - as was the case with the update [...]
23 June 2014
John the Ripper

Forgot your password from a Time Machine backup?

A few days ago I received an inquiry from a reader whose MacBook has unfortunately "given up the ghost". So far so bad. Unfortunately, the backups that he made on an external hard drive were saved with [...]
22 April 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Solution: Time Machine error "Image of the sparsbundle volume is already in use"

I'm naturally lazy and for that reason also an avid user of Time Machine and Apple's Time Capsule, as well as the online backup service Backblaze. This trio takes care of the [...]