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13. December 2020
Too much candy look and transparency in macOS Big Sur? So you can customize it.

macOS Big Sur: Permanently show scroll bar and remove transparencies

There are some people who find macOS Big Sur really bad when it comes to looks. I've got used to the candy colors and I can use the new icons and other changes on the [...]
30. December 2019
Paths to the Library folder on the Mac

Mac: three easy ways to get to the library folder

The macOS "Library" folder is usually hidden in the user directory. The background is probably that Apple wants to protect the user from making unwanted changes in it, because if you play around in the wrong corners, [...]
12. October 2017
Tinker Tool Download Download Security Configure OS X safely customize company computer

TinkerTool: make macOS fine adjustments safely

Version 25 of the helpful macOS software TinkerTool was released on September 2017, 6.21. TinkerTool can therefore be used both under macOS 10.12 Sierra and macOS 10.13 High Sierra. If you use the software, [...]