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23th of June 2021

Wattpad - write, read and publish stories

When looking for websites on which you can publish short stories, book ideas, drafts of scripts, novellas and other manuscripts, you come across a wide variety of platforms. The goal is not just to put your own story on the Internet [...]
24. November 2020

PAGE 1 - New software for authors

With PAGE 1 there is a new software for authors and everyone who wants to become one. The tidy surface of the app provides an overview of individual projects, their chapters, the locations that appear in the novels, [...]
22. August 2019

Author writing programs for Mac and iPad with / without Duden exam, thesaurus and writing style analysis

While looking for an author's writing program, I came across a wide variety of apps. Especially when it comes to a program for the Mac that, in addition to a Duden exam, may also analyze the writing style, you have to be more precise [...]