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2 August 2022

First MBP models with Touch Bar (and other Macs) are now "vintage"

Eight more Apple computers have landed on the company's vintage list. This means that regular software updates are no longer planned for them and spare parts are only available while stocks last. Vintage products become […]
17 July 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 28, 2022

With the announced delay, but at least you get the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 28 of the year 2022 this Sunday. It contains the Apple and tech news that I received over the course of the week.
27 January 2021
Touch Bar gone - changes to the 2021 MacBook Pro

Is Apple working off the user wish list for MacBook Pro models?

It has already been hinted at in some magazines and there was also an article from Sir Apfelot: Apple will probably make major changes to the next MacBook Pro models, which will have a [...]
3 December 2019

Touché - Touch Bar Emulator for every Mac

Touché is a free emulator for displaying the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. So if you want to bring the touchscreen strip of the Apple laptop to the display or monitor of another Mac model, you've come to the right place. [...]
23 October 2017
Mac reset step by step guide

MacBook Pro sale or transfer: Delete the Touch Bar separately beforehand!

Before selling or passing on the Apple MacBook Pro, you should consider a few things and not only disconnect user accounts, empty the memory and reinstall macOS, but also delete the data on the Touch Bar. [...]
6 December 2016
Conceptual image of an Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar for the iMac or Mac Pro. It remains to be seen whether the keyboard with Touch Bar will become a reality. Image source:

Apple Magic Keyboard: will the keyboard come with Touch Bar for iMac and Mac Pro?

The Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro from Apple inspires fans of the Cupertino-based manufacturer to assume that there will be a keyboard for iMac and Mac Pro including OLED strips. How about imgur and reddit [...]