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3 August 2022

Turn on/off HEIC format for photos on iPhone (+ convert on Mac)

Similar to HEVC format videos, HEIC format photos are more space-efficient on Apple iPhone. However, they don't offer as much compatibility with editing programs, social media apps, messengers or Windows computers that you send them to. As […]
25 July 2022

iMazing Converter: Convert images and videos from Apple formats to JPG and MPEG-4

If you want to send photos or videos that you have made with the iPhone or iPad to other people, then they may despair of opening the files after receiving them. This is probably because […]
27 April 2020

Open and convert WebP files on Mac

Yesterday I received a batch of pictures from a customer that I was supposed to exchange on her website. In the first email I thought the files were defective because the images are not displayed in Apple Mail [...]
26 February 2018
Instructions: How to get the RAW files of the photos from the iCloud Photo Library on the Mac.

Mac Tip: Save RAW Photos from iCloud Photo Library

I've been a fan of RAW photography for a long time. Anyone who has ever noticed how much you can get out of photos in this format with Lightroom or other image processing with RAW import will tell me [...]