USB 3.0

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3. October 2019
USB Type C to Micro USB Type B connection cable

Connection of an external hard drive with USB-A connector to USB-C port

You probably know this: You want to connect an external hard drive to a Mac with USB-C sockets, but the plug does not fit into the socket because the hard drives usually only come with a connection cable for a [...]
11. September 2017

USB 3.0 device interferes with WLAN and DECT

The fact that a USB 3.0 device or a corresponding cable disrupts radio traffic in a WLAN network or reduces the voice quality of DECT devices (radio telephones) is not that common, but the problem is well known. Not only in [...]
29th of June 2017

SATA to USB adapter: Inexpensive alternative to external hard drive enclosures

If you want to connect a hard drive externally to your PC or Apple Mac, you can either use the hard drive case or SATA to USB adapter. I already introduced you to external hard drive enclosures at the beginning of the month. [...]
15th of June 2016
iStorage USB 2.0 model with 256 BIT AES encryption

Crypto USB sticks with 256-bit AES hardware encryption for the Mac - a "narrow" selection

I am often out and about with my MacBook and also have data on USB sticks with me that shouldn't necessarily fall into the hands of third parties. Customer data, personal data and sometimes logins are simply nothing [...]
18. May 2015
Kensington USB 3.0 HUB photo

Reader's tip: USB 3.0 hub with charging function for iPad and iPhone

I just got an email from Quincy who, as a loyal reader of my blog, is also concerned about the satisfaction of the other readers. He read a recommendation in the Macwelt newsletter about the [...]
8. January 2015
USB angle adapter from Goobay

USB angle adapter or coupling with 90 ° and 270 ° angle

The area of ​​application for angle adapters can be quite different. You can use them on smart TVs, in the car or on laptops to make a USB stick less noticeable. Even against a sharp kink in the [...]