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29 September 2020
Solve connection problems with the Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse: Lost Connection - These Tips Will Help You ...

I am really a fan of the Magic Mouse and have been using the first model for ages, as I've only bought MacBook Pros for the past few years and you don't have to [...]
14 September 2016
Seagate 4TB hard drive directly on the MacBook Pro

Test: Does a USB 3 hub slow down an external USB 3 hard drive?

Today I found a new tool for benchmarking hard drives (AJA System Test 2.1) and did a little test with it. I was interested in whether - based on the transfer speed of the hard drive - [...]
27 February 2016
7 port Anker USB 3.0 hub for the Mac

USB 3.0 hubs for the Mac - a preselection with a recommendation

The fact that Apple finally supports a USB3 port with the new Macs was an urgently needed thing. Thunderbolt is also nice (fast), but unfortunately there are hardly any devices for it and what is available [...]
26 May 2014
SanDisk USB 3 stick with 64 GB

The best USB 3 sticks with 64 GB for Macs

Today I was asked which is the best USB 3 stick with 64 GB for Macs. In my experience, there are basically no sticks that are not suitable for the Mac, but [...]
20 March 2014
Scope of delivery of the G-Drive hard disk

G-Drive 4TB Thunderbolt and USB3 hard drive in the practical test

I was kindly provided with a model of the G-Drive hard drives from G-Technology. Before people say "Ah, he'll get the record and write a positive review for it": No, unfortunately I only have the record [...]
12 February 2014
G drive

New from G-Technology: external hard drives with Thunderbolt interface

The target group of the new hard disks from G-Technology is certainly not the "normal" end user, because the external storage media, thanks to the support of the Thunderbolt interface, are more for users who require high data throughput. [...]
4 January 2014
Kanex SimpleDock with cables

Kanex SimpleDock: Inexpensive docking station for the MacBook

So far I've always been on the lookout for a Thunderbolt docking station like the Belkin Thunderbolt Express docking station to make the annoying cabling between my MacBook Pro Retina and the rest of the external devices easier. The Thunderbolt docks [...]
15 November 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

Is Thunderbolt faster than USB 3?

Question: I would be interested in whether the Thunderbolt interface is now faster or slower than USB 3. I ask because I want to buy an external hard drive and am unsure which port it should have. Answer: In [...]
15 November 2013
USB 3 or Thunderbolt

External Hard Drive - Better USB 3 or Thunderbolt?

External hard drives are often bought to store files, to back up the iPhone or iMovie library or to be used as a TimeMachine volume. With current Macs, the question arises whether you would rather [...]
18 January 2013
Plextor PX-LB950UE Blu-Ray burner

Solid Blu-Ray burner for the Mac: Plextor PX-LB950UE

Unfortunately, Apple decided not to include support for the Blu-Ray format in its Mac. This means that users who still want to burn Blu-Ray discs are dependent on using external Blu-Ray burners. The compatibility of many external [...]