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28. February 2020

USB-C to HDMI: 4K @ 60Hz adapter from Anker ensures a high refresh rate

If you are looking for an adapter for USB-C to HDMI, for example to control the image output via the Thunderbolt 3 port of the Apple MacBook (Pro / Air), you will find a large selection. Whether USB-C hub, cable [...]
28. November 2019
Test of the LMP Easy Mouse 2-in-1

In the test: Wired "LMP Easy Mouse" 2-in-1 mouse with USB-C and USB-A connection

One might wonder why in the world they would want to use a wired USB mouse instead of a Bluetooth mouse. But I actually have a good reason: with a USB mouse, the batteries cannot run out at inconvenient times [...]
3. October 2019
USB Type C to Micro USB Type B connection cable

Connection of an external hard drive with USB-A connector to USB-C port

You probably know this: You want to connect an external hard drive to a Mac with USB-C sockets, but the plug does not fit into the socket because the hard drives usually only come with a connection cable for a [...]
April 27, 2019
Personally, I'm a friend of the adapters with connection cables, like here on the Minix. These do not come off by themselves during operation and put less stress on the USB-C port because they can be placed flexibly.

In the test: Minix NEO Storage S2 - USB-C adapter with built-in SSD

Anyone who is traveling with a current MacBook model can actually not avoid a USB-C multiport adapter. I myself have an adapter on both the left and right of my stationary MacBook Pro to connect a printer, scanner and various hard drives [...]
8. December 2016
Buy cheap USB-C adapters online at Amazon for MacBook Pro 2016 or smartphones and tablets. Product images: Amazon

Inexpensive USB-C adapter for MacBook Pro late 2016, smartphone and tablet

With the new MacBook Pro, Apple relies on the USB-C connection, making adapters and dongles for connecting USB-A plugs (up to 3.0 or 3.1) without an alternative. If you are looking for a cheap [...]