USB-C cable

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21 June 2022
USB C cable

USB-C cables and their pitfalls - and the solution?

Most of the devices in my collection are now charged via USB-C. The iPhone is still an exception here, as it still uses the Apple-specific Lightning connector. But as simple as USB-C at first […]
26 October 2021

[Update] USB-C extension: Maximum length and suitable cables

What is the maximum length for USB-C cables? What is the distance between the charger and the iPhone, iPad or MacBook? And over which routes can data be transferred quickly via USB 3.1, USB 3.2 or USB4? [...]
5 July 2019

USB-C Charging Cables - Which Should Mac and MacBook Users Buy?

If you only want to charge the battery of your smartphone and tablet via USB Type C, you can in principle use any USB-C charging cable. As soon as you expect more from the cable than just a little charging current, [...]