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1. September 2021

USB-C hubs for MacBook and iPad Pro: Twelve South StayGo and StayGo Mini

Which USB-C hub is the right one depends entirely on the connections required. That's why we regularly introduce you to a few models here in the blog. Today it's the Twelve South StayGo and [...]
18. August 2021

iPad Pro Dock from Satechi: USB-C hub with 6-in-1 function (+ alternatives)

For the Apple iPad Pro with USB-C connection, Satechi has a really well-rated USB-C hub with various connections. In addition to a USB-C connection with Power Delivery for charging the battery with up to 60 watts, [...]
16. August 2021

Satechi USB-C hub for iMac and iMac Pro with Thunderbolt 3

If you use an Apple iMac (2017 to 2020) or the Apple iMac Pro (2017), you might be missing a few connections. With the Satechi USB-C hub you can change that to save space. Not only does the junction box [...]
16. March 2021
Amazon Deals

Current technology deals from Amazon: cables, hubs and power banks

I regularly receive emails from Amazon with offers that should be of interest to technology nerds like me. I'm pretty well equipped with cables, adapters, hubs and power banks myself, but I think the deals are [...]
18. August 2020

Why there are no USB-C hubs with multiple USB-C ports

If you look around for USB-C hubs, you will usually only find ones with a maximum of two C ports, several A ports and interfaces for SD cards, HDMI, etc. What I would need, for example, would be a USB-C Hub with ten USB-C ports so that [...]
4 JULY 2019

Linedock - MacBook dock, hub, power bank and SSD storage in one

The Linedock laptop accessory is a combination of MacBook dock, hub, power bank and SSD storage for current Pro and Air models with 13 inch displays; but also for all other USB-C notebooks. The manufacturer uses it as a Swiss knife for [...]
16. May 2019

Lindy USB-C hub with 2x USB-C and 2x USB-A

If you are looking for a "real" USB-C hub and not a multiport adapter, you still have to search a lot. I rummaged through a few forums and the products on Amazon and found a Lindy USB-C hub called [...]
21. February 2019

Cheap USB-C hubs cause Bluetooth and WiFi problems on the MacBook Pro

Bluetooth and WLAN problems with current MacBook models as well as series of the Pro series are repeatedly reported by users in forums and specialist magazines. In addition to speculation and rumors, there are also tangible indications of the cause [...]
10. November 2017
In the photo of my reader Brigitte: her 12-inch MacBook with HooToo USB-C hub and LiteOn DVD burner - everything works as it should!

Readers' tip: USB-C hub and external DVD player for the MacBook - pretty much best friends!

This post actually originated from a question from my reader Brigitte. She has a 12 inch MacBook and was looking for a suitable USB-C hub and an external DVD player with which she can play films and a learning CD [...]
18. August 2017
An overview of all devices that had to be used for my tests with the USB-C dock.

In the test: USB-C mini dock from Egolggo especially for the MacBook Pro - with charging function

Since Apple completely switched the MacBook models to USB-C, the accessory manufacturers for USB-C devices have hardly been slowed down. For this reason you can find no fewer than 15 brands on Amazon that offer their devices, [...]