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1 July 2022
USB-C charging cable with LED indicator

USB-C charging cable with power display - my pick of the KW14

I always notice little gadgets that I think are great. One of the last ones I got is a special charging cable with USB-C connectors on both sides and a small digital power meter on […]
21 June 2022
USB C cable

USB-C cables and their pitfalls - and the solution?

Most of the devices in my collection are now charged via USB-C. The iPhone is still an exception here, as it still uses the Apple-specific Lightning connector. But as simple as USB-C at first […]
12 June 2022
In the test: Satechi Dock5

In the test: Satechi Dock5 – USB charging station for multiple devices

In a household like ours, a number of Apple devices are used, from MacBooks to iPhones and iPads to AirPods. Even if you work with a multiport charger here, you quickly have a decent […]
10 December 2019
Petrol station Pro in the test

In the test: tizi Tankstation Pro with 90 watts and 2x USB-C PD and 2x USB-A

Today there is again a small test report on a charger that I have been using in the previous version for a long time: The filling station or the new filling station Pro from tizi (here on Amazon [...]
11 March 2019
A label indicating whether a charger or a power bank supports USB-PD can usually be found on the device itself. In this case, even with precise information on the performance data (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

What is USB Power Delivery (USB PD)?

USB Power Delivery is the technical term for the fast charging function via a corresponding USB cable and a compatible charging cable / compatible power bank. Among other things, i-devices from Apple, such as newer iPhone models, use this standard. Even with [...]
22 December 2017
The fastest, easiest way to charge iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus? These diagrams of two series of measurements provide information!

The fastest, easiest way to charge iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus

The ability to charge the battery of the Apple iPhone models X, 8 and 8 Plus faster not only via USB-C Power Delivery, but also wirelessly via Qi technology, not only results in new, rapid charging times, but also [...]